Android Mobile Phones

Standalone Recorder

CallReplay is a powerful call and SMS recording software for Android phones. It has numerous features, such as:

  • PIN protected access to recorded calls or settings;
  • Recordings are organized by contacts or by time, so they can be easily played or emailed;
  • You can add description to calls;
  • Storage path selection;
  • Upper limit for used storage size, leaving you space on SD card for other purposes;
  • Black list - you can prevent some numbers / names to be recorded;
  • On-demand recording;
  • Recording format: u-law(wav) or amr(3gpp);

Enterprise Recorder

While it can be used as a standalone mobile phone recorder, it's main power is unleashed when used in conjunction with CallReplay Cloud Server, also known as Enterprise Mode. The calls are uploaded to a CallReplay Cloud Server (either public or a custom installed one), and you have acces to some new features:

  • Details view and recording playback from a desktop computer;
  • Recording encryption;
  • Automated upload of calls;
  • Centralized management for uploaded calls - multiple recorders can upload to the same cloud account;
  • Multiple users with different rights to uploaded calls;
  • Automatic deletion of uploaded calls (configurable), so you can make space for new recordings;

The public CallReplay Cloud Server is available to everyone and is found at The trial account is valid for 1 month and gives you 200MB of cloud space. To extend valability or available space, please contact sales.

Manual page for Enterprise Mode:

Download Call Recorder for Android:


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