Release Version 10.7 ( Release Notes )

Operating System Release Name Release Date Size(bytes) SHA2-256 Installation Guide
Windows 64 bits 10/CallReplaySetup-10.7-20145965.exe 2024-04-26 03:39:44 +0300 211,156,846 32b66b5f22d844c8788bf03c26172290a7b51865dba591f811da813295e16b84 HTML PDF

Free trial

You'll have to request a 30 days evaluation license. CallReplay will not run without it. The license file will be provided to you by e-mail.

You can start evaluating the solution using this evaluation license, and, when you decide that this solution fits your needs, just purchase a production license and upload the license file on server. No reinstallation needed. If you later decide that you need to add new servers to the recording pool, just purchase new licenses and upload them on those servers.

The evaluation license is not bound to a server, and can be reassigned to other machine if such a necessity occurs. However, the production license is bound to a server and can be reassigned to a new one only after contacting us.

Technical Support Email

Technical Support Phone
+1 857 206 6014