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Company profile

Based in Bucharest, Romania, R.A.I. Software Inc. has provided IT solutions and services to Governments, Institutions, Corporations, Telecom Operators and SMBs in 50 countries since 2001.

R.A.I. Software Inc. was founded in 2001, as a provider of customized software applications, consultancy and services for the Internet global market. Since 2005, our company transitioned to provide complete, wholly-owned, software packages which are entirely developed in our Bucharest offices.

Until now, R.A.I. Software has delivered more than 20 software products, ranging from enterprise project tracking to Internet Telephony applications.

Since 2005, about 819 customers from 50 countries have purchased our flagship products: call recording (CallReplay), G.729 codec (Qodec) and screen recording (Memolith), through a large and well-structured reseller network. Our qualified technicians have succesfully provided thousands of hours technical support to the customer who trusted us.

Our people

We employ the very best and most skilled software engineers. Our employees are trained to keep a client’s best interest in mind. We encourage them to stay up to date on the latest technologies and regularly provide training to our engineers. This is because we believe that excellent products are delivered by people who care about their work. We aim to deliver the best possible software and be proud of it. We favour technical decisions as opposed to political ones. Our relationship with the customer grows naturally with the successful delivery of each new product.

Rares Ispas


Paul Cazan

Project Manager