Browse Recordings by Agent

Calls Organized by Parties

It is now pretty easy to find the records you are interested in, without having to remember phone numbers. CallReplay will group them automatically by their parties and will display all the critical information at once:
  • names and numbers for source and destination
  • direct access to Quick Play, Quick Save and Call Scoring
  • all the technical call details you can eat, in a separate dialog

Associate multiple phone numbers to an agent

You can now follow an agent across multiple phone numbers. All the calls from all the phone numbers associated to a person are displayed in one page, for a comprehensive view. Work smarter, not harder.

Reverse Caller Name Lookup

You can even have CallReplay remember your customer's numbers and display their names from their numbers. For example, the yellow tooltip in the screenshot shows the name and company (ACME Inc) of a hypothetical John Smith calling from an external phone. The original CallerID is also displayed.