And More...

Backup and Restore
Archive calls on local or remote user selected folder.
Export Recordings
Save the call you want in Speex or WAV format or send it by email. Save multiple calls and their metadata in a .zip archive.
Multi Site Replication
Centrally search & archive recordings from multiple sites.
Multi Destination Replication
Each CallReplay recorder can upload to multiple central servers to obtain high availability.
  • So secure even the OS and software administrators cannot replay unauthorized calls, by using Public Key Encryption
  • Web site access protected by TLS/SSL.
  • Records Cisco SRTP encrypted calls.
  • Also records Mitel calls using secure connection.
Multiple Tenants
Establish isolated tenants with separate administrators.
Automatic Storage Management
Record every call without needing to manually free storage.
To prevent abuses, all viewing actions are logged and displayed on the audit screen. In the audit screen the supervisor login name and the performed action are displayed together with the viewed stream name, and the start and end time of the viewed stream.
Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Romanian. Customers can and are encouraged to create their own translation files.
User Access Control
Manage agents and supervisors according to your organizational structure.
Speech Compression
Powerful state-of-the-art voice compression allows you to store calls for months or years on a common HDD.
Reseller friendly
A premier reseller program, with discounts and self-service license management tool.
Web Application, Rich Interface
Zero Install Client Deployment, for simplified administration and user access. Compatible with all major browser with Adobe Flash ™ installed.
Hundreds of simultaneous calls can be recorded with an off-the-shelf server. Our customers are known to record 100,000 calls / month
Pure Software
No special telephony boards are required. Getting an evaluation and upgrades are easier than ever. Nonetheless, CallReplay is many times faster than hardware-based recorders.
Call Retention Policies
Recordings can be kept for a period of time or until the hard-drive is filled.
Mission Critical Reliability
Cluster more servers to insure that your important calls are always recorded.
Open Standards
Whenever possible calls are stored in open formats: WAV, and Ogg/Speex. Customers can avoid vendor lock-in by downloading tools supporting these formats from the Internet.
Sniffing Troubleshooting Assistant
Easy debug SPAN setups without using specialized network analyzers
Integrated Support Tools
Request & receive technical support with a few clicks using the Remote Helpdesk support tool.
Try Before You Buy
Download a fully-featured, free evaluation setup with a friendly configuration wizard.