Monitor Live Calls

Live Monitoring using Cisco Phone Service

CallReplay will allow a supervisor to listen to a call while it is happening. Simply type a phone number from Monitoring IP Service on your phone, and you will be able to listen to any call to or from that phone number.



While Monitoring, the Supervisor can whisper to the agent, without being heard by the external party.


Live Monitoring is completely stealth and passive. Neither the agent nor the external party are notified that they are being listened.


Only authorized users can listen to other agents' calls. Authorization is on a per-department basis.

Supported Phones

Supported on all Cisco IP phones with XML support (7941, 7961, etc), required by both supervisor and agent phones.

Live Monitoring from Browser

CallReplay supports monitoring from browser. Simply click any unfinished call and you will listen to the conversation in progress. This can be done for any PBX type and recording mode, forked/active or SPAN. Whispering is not supported from browser.