Screen Recording

CallReplay has a half-brother, the Memolith Screen Recorder

  • See what happened on the screen while the agent was talking on the phone.
  • You can filter to a specific app running on the user desktop
  • Follow a user across multiple desktops, at any moment in past time
  • Live Screen Monitoring
  • Screen Recordings files are much smaller than of other media recordings, we use a proprietary format, not the common open-source VNC-based format used by other media recorders.
  • Memolith can record the user activity continuously, not just during phone calls.
  • Automatic upload of recordings, scalable to hundreds of desktops or laptops
  • Online Playback, from the browser
  • Player can do Fast Forward, Zoom, Slow.
  • perfect integration with CallReplay
  • The proprietary compression algorithm is specially optimized for recording PC screens and user activity. The recording files take about half of the space required by other screen recorders. A tipical recording (full motion) will have about 1MB / minute when recorded on hard drive. When the workstation is idle the recorded file will be even smaller.
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