High Availability recording


This feature allows copying or moving calls to another computer for various purposes: safety, centralized management, high availability recording etc. CallReplay offers the possibility of configuring a Recording server as either a Headquarter (HQ) or as a Branch. With these two options there are different ways to achieve high levels of redundancy. Depending on your needs you could have one Branch and multiple HQs, multiple Branches and one HQ, or even complex systems with multiple HQs and multiple Branches.

High availability set up

To ensure high availability, CallReplay offers the possibility to configure multiple Recording Servers for the same PBX. Headquarter (HQ) can be configured to accept connections from multiple Branches. Each Branch will send new or already existing calls to this HQ. Although the same call is recorded multiple times (on different Branches), the HQ interface offers a centralized view of all your recorded calls. HQ is smart enough to choose the available Branch and the call with the most up-to-date information.

Multiple HQs set up

For a more-in-depth failsafe, another layer of redundancy can be added by configuring multiple HQs. When Branches are connected to multiple HQs, they send call info and/or recorded call to each HQ. In case one HQ, for any reason, is loosing network connection or either fails beyond recovery, all recorded calls are safely saved in the still working HQs. hq_branches