Native Call Recording

CallReplay is able to record Mitel encrypted voice streams using Mitel's SRC (Secure Recording Connector). The Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) server with SRC service is positioned on the LAN between the ICP and the sets to be recorded. CallReplay authenticates with the MBG and requests taps via a secure channel. These taps are separate (mirrored) streams from the SRC to CallReplay. diagramaMitel


The recorded calls can be tapped, on user's request, either encrypted or unencrypted.


Due to using Mitel's native solution, the impact on the network is minimal. If using a separate network card for CallReplay, the impact on the network is null.

What calls can be recorded

CallReplay can be used for both direct and indirect recording and for both IP Phones and TeleWorkers.

Supported MBG's

MBG with SRC version 1.3. We support multiple MBGs and MBG resiliency.

Supported Codecs

CallReplay uses Mitel's native codecs.