Before the call recorder can be used you need to add a valid software license file.
If you need an evaluation license, please send an email at or check our contact page
There are two kinds of license files: 
     .lix is a generic license, not-activated or bound to any computer.
     .bind is an activated license file which only works on the computer where it was activated. Only production licenses need to be activated.
A license file may only be used on one computer at any given time. Loading the same license file (that is, with the same license ID) on two servers at the same time is a violation of the usage agreement. Also a violation is using the license file after it has been revoked or superseded by a newer license file.
To add a new software license file, select System / Licenses from the menu then click the Upload button. The license fill will be automatically activated if necessary and stored in the DataFolder/Licenses directory.



If the licensing software cannot contact our web site for license verification, please open the Manual Activation link ( on a computer with Internet access and fill in the requested information.

4.1. Company Wide Recording (CWR) License

This licensing model is obsolete, do not configure it unless instructed by technical support. If you have a Company Wide license type, ensure that application can contact CallManager to establish the number of registered phones.

You must supply a user name and a password in the “Company Wide Recording” tab, which is used for authentication with the CallManagers. This user must be the same on all the specified CallManagers. The password must be the same on all the specified CallManagers. You don't need to specify the password each time that you make an update in the configuration page, but only when you need to change the existing password.



If the number of phones registered in your CallManager exceeds the number of registered phones in your licenses, the application service will not be started.