Licensing Pools

Channel allocation is now achieved through the Licensing Pools page. You can allocate channels to each type of recording here, to suit your specific recording requirements.

  • The order tab adds a weight, so that if a user has 2 different recording policies, (a user may reside in 2 departments, for example) it will select the policy with the highest weight.
  • All recording policies have their name, quality of service and description displayed here.
  • Active Voice Channels / Screen Recorders show the current usage in the respective channel
  • Voice subscriptions are the total amount of users that have the respective recording policy. Note: If the number of subscriptions exceed the number of provisioned channels for reserved recording, the configuration will become invalid. You will have to provision more channels to meet the QOS.
  • Provisioned channels represents the number of channels you allocated to the respective recording policy.



Editing a pool allows you to change its properties and allocate recording channels.