Memolith Screen Recorder

Memolith is the software used to record the desktop. CallReplay offers full integration with Memolith. You can deploy Memolith on any number of user desktops and then choose from within CallReplay to record the respective desktop when a call is placed (or to always record). Memolith will record the desktop and then upload the resulting videos to CallReplay, from which you can see a list of calls and their associated videos. Memolith runs as a background service, and can be configured using the window shown in the screenshots below:



1. Recording Status

This tab will show general Memolith information, as well as the recording and connection status:




2. Recording Tab

In this tab you may change the local storage folder and choose which monitors to record:




3. Connection Tab

This tab will allow you to enter your CallReplay username and password. This will be the user name with which Memolith will authenticate to CallReplay.

In addition, you will need to configure the server's address and the connection password that was set in the screen recorders tab in CallReplay.



4. Upload Tab

You can enable or disable uploading of videos to CallReplay from here, as well as upload manually:



5. Advanced Tab

This tab is used to troubleshoot and debug problems and monitor the recorder's activity: