New Feature: Screen Recorder Integration


CallReplay 9 allows complete integration with the Memolith screen recorder software, allowing to record user's desktop and displaying these videos in CallReplay, associating calls with videos. There are various configuration options for ScreenRecorder, which are available to change directly via the CallReplay interface. The resulting video files are available via the Replay Calls window. Memolith can be set up to always record the screen or record only when a phone call by a respective user is placed. CallReplay will allow the videos to be uploaded from various desktop users.


1. Play Videos from CallReplay and Synchronize with Calls


When playing a video call, CallReplay will also mix the audio as well, playing both the video and the call. Available video files will be displayed as a blue film instead of gray.




2. List of Recorders as Branches

You will need to set a password that all screen recorders will use to connect to CallReplay and upload the video files.

Once a new screen recorder is connected, it will need to be enabled by editing the entry and checking the Enabled box.




3. Configuring Capture Mode

You can choose whether you want to always record a desktop or record only during a call:



4. Configuring Compression Settings

Here you may choose when to compress the video files, whether to resize the resulting videos, as well as CPU usage. The recorder may compress the video files on Desktop (on the client where Memolith is installed), on Server (in CallReplay when the video is uploaded), or at Playback (when playing the video):



5. Configurating Storage Management

You may also choose how you want to manage the space to be used by the video recordings:




6. Configuring Upload Settings

Change the delay between attempts to upload the videos from Memolith to CallReplay: