New Feature: Hierarchical Users Configuration


CallReplay v9 uses a new, hierarchical system of adding new users and roles, with the possibility to configure all the settings related to these users in a new, Unified Configuration window. This system allows inheritance for permissions and recording policies, with the ability to edit settings on a per-user basis, grouping of users by folders and tags. Changes done here may be saved or discarded, as shown in the image below:




1. Adding New Users or Folders

Adding a new user:

a. Select the folder that will be the parent of the new user/folder and click the corresponding button



b. Enter a name and optionally a short description for the new entry.



3. User Font and Icon Customization

You can now change the font formatting and associate an icon from a pre-defined list for users to increase visibility:



4. User Profile

In this tab, enter the user name, login password and PIN, as well as the email:




5. Filters

To match particular devices with a user, you will need to add filters (e.g. filter by IP, MAC, phone number, date):



6. Notifications Via Email



7. Inherit Permissions and Per-User Permissions

Newly created users will inherit permissions from their parents. Permissions can be modified however on a per-user basis. Changing a folder's permissions will change

the permissions of all children that inherit those permissions.



8. Inherit Recording Policies and Per-User Policies

Recording policy has been integrated into the new unified configuration menu, so it is now possible to customize it for departments or even users. Inheritance works for recording policies as well. You may change the settings for a particular user, folder, or just go with the default policy:



9. Retention Policy