How-To: Download Files from Our FTP Server

You can download releases from our FTP server, which is located at this address, using the following credentials:
User: anonymous
Pass: anonymous
Our FTP server can use the passive mode for data transfer on ports in the range of 50000-51000, or active mode on port 20, so make sure to allow connections on those ports in your firewall.
In order to download installation setup kits from our FTP server, you can use a web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome (but not Internet Explorer), or a FTP client such as WinSCP or FileZilla.
Use no encryption when connecting to the server.
Below is a screenshot showing how to configure WinSCP. In this case, the Passive mode is used, so ports in the range of 50000-51000 will be used. If you uncheck the passive mode, then port 20 will be used in Active mode.
Once logged in, you may proceed downloading the file of your choice:
Note that if you are using a web browser and point it to, then passive mode will be used by default.