How-To: Add New Phone Services

        Adding new Phone Services

    1. Customizing the Phone Services

 The default CallReplay Phone Service will display a menu where different functions can be selected. However, you can customize the Phone Service URL so that you can access a specific function with a push of a button. The different functions and their URL's are displayed in Table 1.
Table 1
Main Service
Provides users with a menu with extensions
Listen to audio recordings, according to user's access rights
Listen to live calls, according to user's access rights
Record this call
Demands recording of current call
Pause this call
Pauses the recording of current call

    2. Adding a new Phone Service

Log in Cisco Unified CM Administration, then go to Device -> Device Settings -> Phone Services and add a new service
Enter the new name of the service and the URL (which can be found in Table 1) and then check Enable

    3. Subscribe your phone to the new service

In the Phone Configuration window, select Subscribe/Unsubscribe Services and click go, then select the new service in the pop-up window, click next and subscribe.

    4. Add the Service to a softkey button

On the right-hand side, look for add new SURL, click it and add the new service. Attention: if the Add new SURL is in the Unassigned Associated Items list, you will need to create a custom Phone Button Template, to add
the service URL to one of your available softkeys (see section 5).

    5. Creating a new Phone Button Template

If you need to assign Service URL to softkeys, you will need to create a new Phone Button Template. Go to Device -> Device Settings -> Phone Button templates, find the one you are using for your phone, select it,
press copy and set a new name for it.
Search for the new template, select it, and configure the softkeys you wish with the Service URL option.
Finally, go back to the phone's configuration, select the new button template and apply the new configuration.