How-To: Open a Remote Control Session Using ScreenConnect

To share your screen and allow remote control to our support department professionals, you may follow the steps explained below. Please notice that the session is available only to us, and no third-party will be able to connect to the session.
You can use a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, Chromium or Opera. For this tutorial we have chosen Firefox.
Step 1.
Open a web browser and point it to the address. It should look like this:
Click the Start a new session button in the middle of the page.
Step 2.
Once the Join Session window appears, enter a suggestive name, such as your name or the company that you represent, then click Start Session:
Step 3.
The browser will prompt you to run a Java applet. Click OK to allow it to start:
Step 4.
A window which will warn you about the resources the applet will use should appear. Hit Yes to continue:
Step 5.
A successful connection message should appear:
Once you get the message You have successfully connected to your session, we will be able to connect remotely to the machine.