How-To: Upload Files Manually to Our FTP Server

To upload logs manually to our FTP server, first you need to locate the log files which correspond to the time when the issue occurred, archive them using a program such as 7-Zip, and then upload them to the FTP server using the credentials shown below. Please notice that it helps us if you set the Tracing Priority to All inside the CallReplay -> Help -> Service Debug Settings menu before the issue occurs, so that additional information gets included in the log. Also, the most important logs are the ones ending in the .trx extension, so make sure to include them as well.
By default, the log files can be found in the following location:
On Windows: C:\CallReplay\Logs
On Linux: /var/lib/callreplay
The FTP credentials are:
Pass: support123
Please make sure that the FTP client settings are set on FTP (not SFTP), using no encryption.
To upload the archive, you can use a FTP client such as FileZilla, available on both Windows and Linux, which can be downloaded from here, or WinSCP, available on Windows only, which can be downloaded from here.
Keep in mind that for the Passive Mode, ports 50000 through 51000 have to be open in the firewall. For the Active Mode, port 20 is used for data transfer.
Please tell us in an email message the name of the file that you uploaded.
Below is a screenshot showing how to connect using WinSCP:
If connecting using Filezilla doesn't work, try going to Edit->Settings->FTP and set the Transfer Mode to Active.