How-To: Upgrade CallReplay

I. Upgrade CallReplay in Windows
This is a short guide which explains how to upgrade CallReplay to the most recent version. Please notice that you do not need to uninstall your current version of CallReplay, nor do you need to delete the calls history or logs which reside by default inside C:\CallReplay. You can perform a full upgrade and keep all your current settings and logs at the same time.
Compatible Windows Versions
CallReplay is known to run on Windows versions starting with, and including, Windows XP. However, for the server, the recommended Windows Server version is 2012.
Method #1: Upgrade CallReplay in Windows Manually
You can use this method to upgrade CallReplay or to install CallReplay freshly, on a system on which it wasn't installed before. In the second case, just skip the first step below. Follow the next few steps:
Step 1. Stop the associated Windows services
First, stop the following Windows services, which belong to the CallReplay platform: CallReplay Call Recorder and CallReplayDB. An example is shown in the image below:
In the case that the CallReplay Call Recorder service doesn't stop, you may need to hit Alt+Ctrl+Del, start the Task Manager and end the task CallRecorder.exe before you stop the services.
2. Download the CallReplay installer
The CallReplay setup program is an executable file. You can download the latest version from here. Save it somewhere on the hard-disk.
3. Run the CallReplay setup program
Note: Before performing this step, make sure you are logged in as a Local Account Administrator.
Now you need to run the installer, which may be called something like CallReplaySetup8.0.151.exe. You can do so clicking on it in the web browser downloads window or by opening the file manager, going to where the setup installer was saved (usually Downloads) and after that double-clicking the executable setup program.
4. Let the setup wizard follow its course
The installer is automated, and you will need only to press Next throughout the wizard until the installation is complete.
Notice that in the Download Latest Update window it is recommended to uncheck the Download update checkbox:
You should leave the values from the Site Configuration window untouched, and then press OK:
5. Finishing the installation
Once CallReplay finishes the configuration, it will open a web browser to allow you to login. If you are installing for the first time, you will need to pick an administrator username and a password. If you are upgrading, you can proceed and login with the existing account credentials.
6. Run the Forked wizard again
If CallReplay is using Forked recording, after the upgrade it may be needed to run the Forked wizard (Active recording button on the PBX) again, manually going through each tab starting with the second one (Auth & Service), using instructions from here.
Method #2: Installing CallReplay in Windows Using the CallReplay Software Update Utility
Important: Please notice that this method can only be used for upgrading between minor versions (e.g. 8.0.140 to 8.0.151). For upgrading between major versions (e.g. 7.x to 8.x) you will need to use the manual method explained above.
For this you will use the CallReplay Software Update utility, which allows you to select a recent version and then installs it automatically.
1. Start the CallReplay Software Update utility
This tool is available in the Start menu, by typing callreplay software update and clicking on the application that appears.
2. Select the desired version
In the Software Update tool, you can choose between the hotfix (the latest version) or the latest stable version. Make sure the Upgrade to: field is not empty and then click the Update button.
II. Upgrade or Install CallReplay in Ubuntu 14.04 and Later Versions
For Linux, the recommended version is Ubuntu 14.04 (older versions will most likely fail to run CallReplay).
1. Download the DEB package
Download the DEB package file from here and save it somewhere on the hard-disk.
2. Install CallReplay from the DEB
2a. If you are installing CallReplay for the first time, open a terminal, make sure the current working directory is the one where you saved the DEB file (e.g. $HOME/Downloads) and type:
sudo apt-get install postgresql p7zip-full speex postgresql-contrib openjdk-7-jre libav-tools sox
sudo apt-get -f install
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer
sudo dpkg -i callreplay-8.0_8.0.89_amd64.deb
Replace callreplay-8.0_8.0.89_amd64.deb with the file name that you downloaded.
2b. If you already have CallReplay installed and want to upgrade it to a newer version, open a terminal, make sure the current working directory is the one where you saved the DEB file (e.g. $HOME/Downloads) and type:
sudo dpkg -i callreplay-8.0_8.0.89_amd64.deb
Replace callreplay-8.0_8.0.89_amd64.deb with the file name that you downloaded.
EDIT: At the time of writing, the latest DEB version for Ubuntu is and can be found on our FTP server (direct link here).