Various bugs fixes

6.0.29 (22-Mar-2011)

Massive release, with improvements across all modules and structural changes.

  • NEW: SPANless recording (aka forked recording) support for Cisco UCM and phones with internal bridges (Capture / PBXs / Edit PBX).
  • NEW: Live Monitoring in browser for all supported PBXs (Recordings / Replay / Play on active call).
  • NEW: Email notifications triggered by specific calls (Recordings / Email Notifications) .
  • NEW: Automatic Software Updates at scheduled times (System / Software Updates).
  • NEW: Automatic PBX detection. Recording will start as soon as the software is installed (Capture / PBXs).
  • NEW: IP Phone Service and Forked Recording configuration wizard (Capture / PBXs).
  • NEW: Service Memory Watchdog (System / Watchdog).
  • NEW: Master / Slave: centralized licensing, centralized software update
  • NEW: dedicated data folder for calls, db, logs, licenses.
  • CHANGED: Backup system reworked, recordings can now be backed up using standard file system tools.
  • CHANGED: user permissions system reworked
  • CHANGED: licensing resource no longer aggregate, to minimize the number of licenses to be managed
  • CHANGED: embedded database changed from MSDE 2000 SP4 to Postgres 9.0.3.
  • CHANGED: removed .NET dependencies
  • CHANGED: PreConfiguration moved in the site
  • CHANGED: LogPacker moved in the site
  • CHANGED: Network Interfaces moved in the site
  • CHANGED: improved recording performance
  • CHANGED: faster web site loading
  • CHANGED: remote support tool from Remote Helpdesk to TeamViewer
  • CHANGED: web server to Jetty 7.2
  • CHANGED: reworked phone service
  • CHANGED: major configuration changes no longer require the service to be restarted
  • FIX: all fixes from 5.3 branch.