7.3.43 (27-Mar-2014)

  • CHANGE: Tenant - expire date as date picker.
  • FIX: Fixed branch licensing.
  • FIX: User phones - do not allow empty lines.

7.3.42 (20-Mar-2014)

  • CHANGE: reworked licensing alerts.

7.3.41 (19-Mar-2014)

  • FIX: Playback - signature mismatch error.
  • FIX: Delete user with evaluations.

7.3.40 (18-Mar-2014)

  • NEW: Save CDR global_call_id field in callreplay database for jtapi recorded calls.

7.3.39 (07-Mar-2014)

  • NEW: quick search for PBXs.
  • FIX: fixed expired license message.

7.3.38 (03-Mar-2014)

  • CHANGE: reworked sql session rollback.
  • FIX: fixed "StartWith" policy type.
  • FIX: fixed tracing replication errors.
  • FIX: fixed start of call through forked recording.

7.3.37 (08-Jan-2014)

  • FIX: fixed decoding mixed payload types.
  • FIX: fixed database shrinking comand line on windows environment.

7.3.36 (19-Dec-2013)

  • CHANGE: reworked filter management for local network traffic.

7.3.35 (18-Dec-2013)

  • NEW: filter management for local network traffic.

7.3.34 (16-Dec-2013)

  • NEW: transcoding calls through web site url.

7.3.33 (12-Dec-2013)

  • FIX: configure database port and memory profile through Site Configuration.

7.3.32 (12-Dec-2013)

  • FIX: Skinny protocol - fix recording calls for a shared line.

7.3.30 (06-Dec-2013)

  • FIX: Send call by email - added missing caller/called name.
  • FIX: fixed "EndWith" matching policy.

7.3.29 (02-Dec-2013)

  • FIX: PBX autodetection for SPAN recording.

7.3.28 (28-Nov-2013)

  • FIX: database error on starting service.
  • FIX: performance issue on loading users/departments tree.

7.3.25 (22-Nov-2013)

  • NEW: show volumeID on storage volume list.
  • CHANGE: Call Details - limitless text for Description.
  • CHANGE: Questionnaire - limitless text for Comment.
  • CHANGE: Replication - generate .call files for existing calls.
  • CHANGE: Licensing - allocate all channels of new licenses on default tenant.
  • CHANGE: allow export a single call.
  • CHANGE: Storage Volume - create temp folder inside the new defined storage volume.
  • CHANGE: Replication HQ - added calls size and count field on recorder list.
  • FIX: fixed SOAP error throun by forked recording wizard (CUCM 8.0).
  • FIX: Replication - fixed resumed upload.
  • FIX: Software update - delete old versions.
  • FIX: fixed email notification.
  • FIX: Storage Volume - deny duplicate path entries.
  • FIX: fixed database upgrade error caused by changing of mybatis version.
  • FIX: solved sync issue while transcoding g729 rtp file.

7.3.21 (05-Nov-2013)

  • FIX: solved high cpu usage.

7.3.20 (04-Nov-2013)

  • FIX: fixed ports allocation for transfered calls (forked recording).

7.3.19 (31-Oct-2013)

  • NEW: extended matching capability for reservced phones.
  • CHANGE: configurable storage access password.

7.3.16 (28-Oct-2013)

  • FIX: Reserved Phones - fixed exact match policy.

7.3.15 (28-Oct-2013)

  • NEW: Audit - added new call events: close and call export.

7.3.14 (25-Oct-2013)

  • FIX: Audit - fixed tracing of events.

7.3.13 (25-Oct-2013)

  • FIX: other fixes for transfered calls (forked recording).

7.3.12 (18-Oct-2013)

  • FIX: solved stop recording for calls longer than 15 min (forked recording).

7.3.11 (11-Oct-2013)

  • FIX: SIP - record transfered calls (SPAN recording).

7.3.10 (07-Oct-2013)

  • FIX: fixed hold/unhold calls (forked recording).

7.3.9 (02-Oct-2013)

  • FIX: Quality - fixed "Compare Scores" report.

7.3.8 (24-Sep-2013)

  • FIX: Replication - fixed replication errors caused by null values.

7.3.7 (23-Sep-2013)

  • NEW: new CallReplay Transcoder installer available for download from CallReplay UI menu.
  • FIX: fixed duplicated calls for CUCM 6, 7 and 8.0 (forked recording).

7.3.6 (18-Sep-2013)

  • FIX: Recording policy - fixed inbound/outbound detection.
  • FIX: fixed duplicated calls for cucm 8.5 (forked recording).

7.3.5 (16-Sep-2013)

  • NEW: defined a new user right to close active calls

7.3.4 (11-Sep-2013)

  • NEW: customize ftp credentials for sending logs
  • CHANGE: deactivate pbx autodetection mechanism

Android 1.2.4

  • NEW: user groups.
  • NEW: recording schedule.
  • NEW: maximum storage period.
  • NEW: remote configuration.
  • FIX: bug fixes.

7.3.3 (21-Aug-2013)

  • FIX: solved database creation error on installation

7.3.2 (14-Aug-2013)

  • FIX: fixed phones filter on forked recording wizard.
  • FIX: fixed application page title on IE.

7.3.1 (08-Aug-2013)

  • NEW: option to join storage volumes.
  • CHANGE: update FlashPlayer to version 11.8
  • FIX: keep the selected user in user tree during playback his calls.
  • FIX: solved "MLPP Preemption must be disabled on devices" error for CUCM 8.0 (forked recording).

7.3.0 (24-Jul-2013)

  • NEW: new configuration wizard for forked recording


NEW: Linux Installer

Various Changes

  • Recording policy - new option to reserve phone by user name
  • PBX Configuration - allow duplicate PBXs
  • PBX Configuration - delete all pbxs option
  • Send call by e-mail to multiple destinations

Android 1.2.0

  • more responsive start/stop recording (separate thread)
  • indicator for unplayable records (no audio, encrypted)
  • direction recording policy
  • configurable max call duration
  • automatically show soft keyboard
  • toast with call review
  • order call groups alphabetically or by call time
  • add unknown number to phone book
  • added 'call info only' to recording policy
  • favorites group
  • configurable toast display while app is not visible



  • HQ/Branch licensing (removed channels allocation from Replication)
  • backup existing licenses instead of delete

Phone Service

  • browsing calls list
  • added exit button to replay calls
  • delete calls
  • demand command / monitoring - show a message when the call is unlicensed
  • redirect to home page after demand recording
  • reload last page after playing/deleting/e-mailing a call.

Recording policy

  • fixed lag on loading
  • loading empty calls count on save
  • remove empty calls
  • quick search

View Calls

  • show call score
  • fixed call party names decoding according to selected charset


  • multiple recorders connected to a single CUCM
  • configuration wizard - checkboxes for selecting all phones

Various Changes

  • Site - toolbar with shortcuts
  • tenant registration - random password instead of user selected password
  • transcoder - fix too much silence for ts/seq change without ssrc change
  • Replication - manual retry
  • View Calls - advanced tab - filter calls using '%'
  • Storage Volume - reserved space
  • Storage Volume - low disk space alert
  • Organization tree - speed up the loading process
  • Audit - aditional filters
  • Setup - new parameters: /verysilent, /upgrade, /host, /port, /ip
  • Site monitoring - fix broken pipe error
  • SPAN Recorder - GRE( ERSPAN ) packet decoding

Android 1.0.10 - 1.1.12

  • black list
  • background version check, manually and periodically
  • new design
  • list of unknown numbers
  • contextual help system
  • app icon click goes home
  • rate app dialog
  • save logs as zip, to be manually sent
  • progress dialog while deleting calls
  • recording simultaneous calls (in the same audio file - android limitation)
  • automatically close app during airplane mode
  • record / pause buttons in status panel
  • recording policy: automatic, on demand, no recording
  • start / stop button on notification (android 4.1 and up)
  • quick search calls
  • access to calls/setting protected by numeric PIN

Major Release 7.0

Forked Recording

  • NEW: support for forked recording redundancy using multiple servers; works best on CM >= 8.
  • can now use redundant JTapi connections to clustered CMs
  • support for multiple CM versions at the same time
  • control of each party notification tones and volume
  • refactored to insure best CM compatibility across all existing Cisco CM versions
  • support for Extension Mobility Device Profiles

NEW: Android Mobile Recorder

  • records phone calls, SMS
  • On-Device Public Key Encryption
  • centralized management
  • smart synchronization

NEW: Hybrid JTAPI-SPAN recording

New recording mode using JTAPI for call signalling and SPAN for RTP traffic. This mode is especially useful when recording old phones or devices not enabled for forked recording.

NEW: Multi-Tenant capability

  • highly secure, uses isolated schemas
  • Per Tenant Administrators
  • SuperAdmin can edit users from any tenant
  • Storage Quotas for each tenant

NEW: PKCS call recording encryption

  • the OS and SW administrator is not able to listen to calls
  • per tenant certificates
  • Certificate Generation Wizard

NEW: HTTPS support

NEW: Multi-Language support

  • currently English and Romanian are supported
  • customers can create their own translation files
  • RTL support

Refactored Replication:

renamed to HQ-Branch Replication multi-level replication (same server can be both sender and receiver) multi-tenant aware now uses HTTP/S transport

More changes

  • Call Player now embeddable in IFRAME for easy integration
  • Auto-Refresh for View Calls
  • Installer and Updater: Support for Windows UAC
  • Live Monitoring now works with G.729, G.722 and G.711A, (web and phone service)
  • Reset Admin Password utility, including disable of LDAP auth
  • Updated: Quick Search for Users page
  • Updated: Software Update using CDN, SW update for slaves, out-of-process
  • Updated all embedded components to latest stable versions (Java 7, Postgres 9.0. Flash 11.3)
  • Manuals converted to HTML, edited with web CMS, white-labeled
  • all the fixes present in 6