• FIX: JTAPI fixes
  • FIX: Minor fixes

8.1.7 (Mar-2016)

  • NEW: Changed DB version to Postgres 9.3

8.1.6 (Mar-2016)

  • NEW: Added scroll bar for questionnaire list and sorted the list
  • FIX: Internal fixes

8.1.4 (Mar-2016)

  • FIX: Forked recording wizard fix
  • FIX: AXL fixes
  • FIX: Multiple SPAN fixes

8.1.1 (Mar-2016)

  • FIX: Bug on deleting a call that had a missing file
  • FIX: JTAPI tweaks

8.1.0 (Mar-2016)

  • FIX: Fixed Agents- Evaluation Trend report (Feb-2016)

  • NEW: added AXL 11 support

8.0.157 (Feb-2016)

  • FIX: Incoming/Outgoing call direction in forked recording. (Feb-2016)

  • FIX: Forked recording for CUCM7.
  • FIX: External SIP trunks for CUCM PBX. (Feb-2016)

  • FIX: Upgrading database from previous versions.

8.0.155 (Feb-2016)

  • NEW: Logs upload, CDR verifier.
  • FIX: Some calls remain unconverted (rtp).
  • FIX: Deleting call description fails to update DB.

8.0.154 (Jan-2016)

  • FIX: Span recording stops some calls after 1 min.
  • FIX: Forked recording missing calls and recording from CUCM 7
  • NEW: Increase JTAPI logs.

8.0.153 (Jan-2016)

  • FIX: Hash error on playback.

8.0.151 (Dec-2015)

  • FIX: ReplicatorService used wrong date format with week year

8.0.150 (Dec-2015)

  • FIX: Forked Recording-calls are stopped after 1h.
  • FIX: Span recording-resumed call after park not recorded. (Dec-2015)

  • FIX: Available checks.
  • FIX: Minor modifications regarding the FTPServer folder.
  • FIX: FTPAutoUpload - Fixed password being sent back the wrong way.
  • FIX: Made hostname, username and password editable in table (persistent only during the current session).
  • FIX: Minor FTPAutoUpload modifications.
  • FIX: Forked JTAPI fixes. (Dec-2015)

  • FIX: Several SIP Recorder fixes.
  • FIX: Several FTPAutoUpload fixes (added server name to listing in website, added info about the current upload queues and a refresh data function). (Nov-2015)

  • FIX: Forked JTAPI minor fix.
  • FIX: Several FTPAutoUpload fixes (server timeout, updated verification of file creation, updated log directory). (Nov-2015)

  • NEW: Added call info for CDR.
  • NEW: Added show last uploaded log name and queue size.
  • FIX: FTPAutoUpload: Changed from dropdown list to checkbox.
  • FIX: Numerous SwUpdate fixes.
  • FIX: Update Leg from JTAPI. (Nov-2015)

  • FIX: Update parties from JTAPI.
  • FIX: Find/Create Leg from incomplete key. (Nov-2015)

  • FIX: OnDemand Recording from site - twin call. (Nov-2015)

  • NEW: Added device name to phone service URL.
  • FIX: JTAPI Messages after SIP Update.
  • FIX: Phone and Site Monitor minor fix. (Nov-2015)

  • FIX: Update Legs from JTAPI. (Nov-2015)

  • NEW: OnDemand Record - search phone by name.
  • FIX: Record 3rd call in transfer if 2nd not recorded.

8.0.149 (Nov-2015)

  • NEW: Compute CallDirection from ExternalTrunks.
  • NEW: Added ExternalTrunks field to PBX.
  • FIX: Few minor fixes (timeout manager stats, RTP stream instances). (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Removed SIP dialog timeout for Forked. (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Transfer for both phones recorded. Set RTP address.

8.0.148 (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Ignore NotRecorded on bulk channel edit. (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: JTAPI small fixes. (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Forked cleanup.

8.0.147 (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: TerminalCallObserver not used anymore.

8.0.146 (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Forked call leg.
  • FIX: Invalid header line in SIP parser. (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Minor fixes. (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: JTAPI logs.

8.0.145 (Oct-2015)

  • FIX: JTAPI forward calls, JTAPI forward terminal IP address, JTAPI error checking.
  • FIX: Several JTAPI bug fixes.

8.0.144 (13-Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Recover in case of replication error.

8.0.143 (08-Oct-2015)

  • FIX: deadlock and Sip parsing empty header line

8.0.142 (06-Oct-2015)

  • FIX: SIP message parsing for CUCM forked recording

8.0.141 (04-Oct-2015)

  • FIX: Sip error handling and error response

8.0.140 (28-Sept-2015)

  • FIX: Cisco forked recording for transfer

8.0.139 (15-Sept-2015)

  • FIX: Qodec license error on playback.

8.0.138 (14-Sept-2015)

  • CHANGE: Qodec log support.

8.0.137 (11-Sept-2015)

  • FIX: Site error in case of unavailable storage.

8.0.136 (09-Sept-2015)

  • FIX: connection to CUCM during forked recording.

8.0.135 (08-Sept-2015)

  • CHANGE: Prevent always downloading of Cisco library.

8.0.134 (25-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: Startup in case of large database.

8.0.133 (21-Aug-2015)

  • CHANGE: Bulk Edit Reserved Phones.

8.0.132 (19-Aug-2015)

  • CHANGE: More logging.

8.0.131 (19-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: Storage space + logging.

8.0.130 (17-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: Null pointer + logging.

8.0.129 (13-Aug-2015)

  • CHANGE: More call player logging.

8.0.128 (12-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: More logging + fixed restore status tab.

8.0.127 (10-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: Sorted users tree.

8.0.126 (7-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: Close open call without file format.

8.0.125 (7-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: Null pointer exceptions.

8.0.124 (6-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: some exceptions; call transfer.

8.0.123 (5-Aug-2015)

  • CHANGE: Logging feature.

8.0.122 (3-Aug-2015)

  • FIX: Restricted cisco jtapi terminal.

8.0.114 (17-Jul-2015)

  • FIX: Caller and Called info being the same on some Skinny phones (ex: 7925G).

8.0.113 (10-Jul-2015)

  • CHANGE: Avoid resolving hostnames during IPTrade recording.

8.0.112 (9-Jul-2015)

  • FIX: UDP ports not getting closed sometimes.

8.0.109 (26-Jun-2015)

  • CHANGE: IPTrade - On replay from turret, if no caller/called party provided during recording, search them by phone number in CallReplay users.

8.0.108 (25-Jun-2015)

  • FIX: RTP stream redirection.

8.0.107 (24-Jun-2015)

  • CHANGE: Update caller/called info for IP Trade.

8.0.106 (18-Jun-2015)

  • CHANGE: Check that CUCM hosts are up when unable to download jtapi library.

8.0.105 (9-Jun-2015)

  • CHANGE: IP Trade/Replay Box CallDirection implementation.

8.0.104 (8-Jun-2015)

  • CHANGE: Added Call Direction for IP Trade Replay Box.

8.0.103 (5-Jun-2015)

  • FIX: CallReplay service automatic restarting failing in some scenarios.

8.0.102 (4-Jun-2015)

  • CHANGE: Http headers for replay from IPTrade turret.

8.0.101 (2-Jun-2015)

  • CHANGE: Increase maximum recording time to 2 hours.

8.0.100 (26-May-2015)

  • FIX: Phone Whispering.

8.0.99 (19-May-2015)

  • FIX: delete user and relative user config.

8.0.97 (19-May-2015)

  • FIX: negative "on demand" number.

8.0.96 (12-May-2015)

  • FIX: Transferring call between regions that require codec change.

8.0.95 (03-May-2015)

  • NEW: Forked Wizard add region column to device pools, optimized listing route partition names.

8.0.94 (8-Apr-2015)

  • CHANGE: Forked Wizard Filter Phones By Device Pools.

8.0.93 (3-Apr-2015)

  • CHANGE: Cisco Soap request timeout.

8.0.91 (25-Mar-2015)

  • CHANGE: Downsample for PhoneReplay.

8.0.90 (20-Mar-2015)

  • FIX: RTP streams identification.

8.0.89 (11-Mar-2015)

  • CHANGE: Statistics for debugging.

8.0.88 (9-Mar-2015)

  • FIX: Random playback error.

8.0.87 (4-Mar-2015)

  • CHANGE: Phone Service - show only licensed calls on the agent's phone.

8.0.86 (26-Feb-2015)

  • FIX: Seek in call for IP Trade reply from turret.

8.0.85 (26-Feb-2015)

  • FIX: Replay on turret fails for IP Trade recording. Creating folders for output file.
  • FIX: Character # in number replaced by %23.

8.0.84 (19-Feb-2015)

  • FIX: View Calls - fixed errors occured when user search calls by description.
  • FIX: Active Calls - stop unlicensed calls when end of call signal is missing.

8.0.83 (17-Feb-2015)

  • FIX: Questionnaires - minor fixes.

8.0.82 (16-Feb-2015)

  • CHANGE: Calls compression - lowered thread priority.
  • CHANGE: Calls compression - minimized simultaneously locked calls count during work.
  • CHANGE: Replication: reworked to reduce latency of calls.
  • FIX: Playback - reworked sql queries to playback replicated calls correctly.

8.0.81 (5-Feb-2015)

  • FIX: Replication - reworked save procedure to store replicated calls on a remote storage.

8.0.80 (3-Feb-2015)

  • FIX: Backup/Restore - minor fixes.

8.0.79 (29-Jan-2015)

  • FIX: Replication - added missing fields.

8.0.78 (26-Jan-2015)

  • CHANGE: Forked Recording - new timeout value for expiring the configuration session.

8.0.77 (21-Jan-2015)

  • NEW: Database - pre-migration tool for running custom scripts.

8.0.76 (21-Jan-2015)

  • FIX: Questionnaire: minor fixes.
  • FIX: SIP - fixed multiple SIP INVITES within the same session.

8.0.74 (16-Jan-2015)

  • NEW: CallDetails - added RTP statistics.
  • FIX: Transcoder - fixed channels overlapped.
  • FIX: Reporting - Added progressbar when waitting for report generation.

8.0.73 (7-Jan-2015)

  • FIX: Reporting - minor fixes.

8.0.72 (6-Jan-2015)

  • CHANGE: Refactored reporting module.
  • CHANGE: Email configuration - allow multiple admin addresses.

8.0.71 (19-Dec-2014)

  • NEW: Notification - configuration panel to disable/configure when missing call notification emails can be sent.
  • FIX: SIP parser - removed unused parameters.

8.0.70 (17-Dec-2014)

  • FIX: SIP - patched UPDATE method.

8.0.69 (16-Dec-2014)

  • FIX: IPTrade - replay calls on turret for ldap user.

8.0.68 (15-Dec-2014)

  • FIX: Active Calls - fixed negative dynamic counters.

8.0.67 (4-Dec-2014)

  • FIX: SIP Protocol - added a new parameter.
  • FIX: Reports - fixed calls length. 

8.0.66 (28-Nov-2014) 

  • FIX: SPAN recording - changes in SIP parser addressing transfers from AA to SIP phones.

8.0.65 (25-Nov-2014) 

  • FIX:  User page - added a scroll bar when user has many phones.

8.0.64 (20-Nov-2014) 

  • CHANGE: Active Recording Phone page - added Calling Search Space field in quick filter
  • FIX: SPAN recording - minor fixes for recording parked SIP calls.

8.0.63 (12-Nov-2014) 

  • FIX: Playback calls - solved playback errors occurred after scrolling calls list down.
  • FIX: SPAN Recording - record parked and transfered SIP calls when Record Outbound Calls is unchecked and Record transfered calls option is on in Recording Policy.

8.0.62 (05-Nov-2014) 

  • FIX: Calls Replication - added missing Cisco CDR fields.
  • FIX: HTTPS connection - load new certificate chain successfully.

8.0.61 (03-Nov-2014) 

  •  FIX: Transcoder API - show an readable message on exceptions.

8.0.60 (31-Oct-2014) 

  • FIX: SPAN recording - record SIP calls according to Record transfered calls option in Recording Policy.

8.0.59 (29-Oct-2014) 

  • NEW: View License - added manual activation URL.
  • FIX: SPAN recording - minor fixes for SIP parser.

8.0.58 (27-Oct-2014) 

  • CHANGE: new configuration for standalone transcoder.

8.0.57 (27-Oct-2014) 

  • FIX: save call works. 

8.0.56 (24-Oct-2014)

  • FIX: Transcoder/Replicator servlet HTTP Basic Authentication. 

8.0.55 (23-Oct-2014) 

  • FIX: Calls - close active call.
  • FIX: Recording - fixed SKINNY - SIP transfer.
  • FIX: Replication - added missing cisco call legs.
  • FIX: Transcoder - fixed setup.

8.0.54 (22-Oct-2014) 

  • CHANGE: Database - added cisco sip call ids for each leg.
  • CHANGE: Mitel - better resiliency handling.
  • FIX: Mitel - add monitors on deviceStatusEvent.

8.0.53 (22-Oct-2014) 

  • CHANGE: Database - renamed cisco leg fields.
  • CHANGE: Replication API - empty strings instead of 'null'.
  • FIX: Replication API - fix returning calls from the specified queue.
  • FIX: Storage Volume - Check storage volume path for trailing slash when generating file names.

8.0.52 (16-Oct-2014)

  • NEW: Recording - pause/resume recording using phone service or UI.

8.0.51 (15-Oct-2014)

  • FIX: Calls playback - solved QR Channel Pool Open noAvailableChannels error.

8.0.50 (14-Oct-2014)

  • FIX: ViewCalls - export list includes now the description of calls.
  • FIX: Calls - fixed duplicating calls with multiple storages.

8.0.49 (8-Oct-2014)

  • CHANGE: Replication API - export globalCallID for SIP calls and destLegIdentifier for SKINNY calls.

8.0.48 (7-Oct-2014)

  • FIX: Forked Recording - free RecorderStream after end of call. 

8.0.47 (7-Oct-2014)

  • NEW: Calls encryption - new feature.
  • CHANGE: Replication API - set default chunk size to 500 and increased upper limit to 10000.
  • CHANGE: Replication API - errors as XML.
  • FIX: Replication API - corrected day in StartTime. 

8.0.46 (2-Oct-2014)

  • CHANGE: Replication API - multiple calls per request.
  • FIX: SIP - close endless calls.

8.0.45 (30-Sep-2014)

  • CHANGE: Forked - use Terminal instead of TerminalConnection.
  • FIX: Email - fixed sending recording warnings every hour.

8.0.44 (26-Sep-2014)

  • FIX: HTTPS - import of pkcs12 file.

8.0.43 (25-Sep-2014) 

  • CHANGE: Phone service monitoring - extended read timeout.
  • CHANGE: replicator connect to Replicator API servlet instead of Replicator RPC servlet
  • FIX: deleting storages from replicator
  • FIX: enabling / disabling a branch has immediate effect
  • FIX: Unlock all jars

8.0.42 (23-Sep-2014)

  • FIX: SIP Always record parking and transfer calls.
  • FIX: new call creation.
  • FIX: Mail to administrator for "no recordings" every hour.

8.0.41 (22-Sep-2014)

  • CHANGE: Forked recording - throw exception when terminal not found.
  • FIX: audio file not found.
  • FIX: Monitoring - removed aggressive tracing.
  • FIX: fix closing old unfinished calls.
  • FIX: Setup - fixed checking maintenance end date.
  • FIX: removed chkconfig from postinst script as it is not used in Ubuntu.

8.0.40 (17-Sep-2014)

  • NEW: Forked recording - Added SecurityProfile for CUCM 6.0
  • FIX: Forked wizard - fixed copy to clipboard.
  • FIX: Mitel - Fix startCall error for unlicensed calls.

8.0.39 (12-Sep-2014)

  • NEW: Send email to Administrator in case of no diskspace left.
  • NEW: Send email to Administrator in case of licensing problems.
  • FIX: HTTPS - configuration.
  • FIX: Backup - remove audio option.
  • FIX: fixed main view questionnaires.

8.0.38 (11-Sep-2014)

  • CHANGE: Mitel - moved tunnel.ini out of Temp folder.
  • CHANGE: Mitel - AlertBox in case Mitel Certificate is not approved.
  • FIX: Licensing - fixed hacked clock check.

8.0.37 (9-Sep-2014)

  • FIX: g729 licensing playback while background conversion in progress.
  • FIX: fixed saving calls for tenants.
  • FIX: update recorder licensing status when changing hq license.
  • FIX: Linux installer - detection of postgres server version.
  • FIX: Forked recording - removed aggressive tracing in SIP parser.
  • FIX: Software update - fixed version checking.
  • FIX: Licensing - fixed licensing of branch.

8.0.36 (4-Sep-2014)

  • NEW: Forked wizard status - copy selected rows to clipboard (Ctrl+C) + select all (Ctrl+A).
  • CHANGE: Replicator - retry if network timeout or other network error.
  • CHANGE: Forked wizard - added phone list filter.
  • FIX: Replication - fixed missing port.
  • FIX: Site - invalid license alert.

8.0.35 (2-Sep-2014)

  • NEW: LogPacker - send logs from specific interval.
  • NEW: forked wizard: unified phones list.
  • NEW: Site - start monitoring from Active Calls page.
  • FIX: Site - save call from calls list.

8.0.34 (22-Aug-2014)

  • NEW: Site - Login caps lock warning.
  • FIX: Forked - fixed wrong call information.
  • FIX: Reports - compare score chart.
  • FIX: Questionnaires - calculate score based on answered questions.

8.0.33 (20-Aug-2014)

  • FIX: Forked - cleanup signaling and segments for calls.

8.0.32 (19-Aug-2014)

  • FIX: Site - require authentication on save call.

8.0.31 (15-Aug-2014)

  • FIX: Forked - improved extension detection for SIP messages.

8.0.30 (14-Aug-2014)

  • NEW: LogPacker - minimal or complete db backup (default minimal).
  • CHANGE: import call without caller or called number.
  • CHANGE: Forked - allow TCP connections on SIP Trunk.
  • CHANGE: Migrate call file names with special characters to new file name template.
  • CHANGE: Save call - get filename from storage if available (ex: from callDetail).
  • FIX: Site - fixed "replay own calls" user permission.

8.0.29 (7-Aug-2014)

  • FIX: Mitel - fix wrong info for some calls.
  • FIX: Mitel - get dialed digits information for Outbound calls.
  • FIX: Forked Recording - encryption key handling on call transfer.

8.0.28 (5-Aug-2014)

  • FIX: Linux Transcoder - Set default shell value.
  • FIX: Preconfigurator - Fixed hostname invalid characters.
  • FIX: email notification service - sleep to prevent flooding with errors.
  • FIX: View Calls - fixed scored filter.
  • FIX: Transcoder - fixed jar; open .srtp files.

8.0.27 (31-Jul-2014)

  • NEW: LogPacker - partial database backup.
  • NEW: Export raw excel report.
  • FIX: Flashplayer seek.

8.0.25 (28-Jul-2014)

  • NEW: Replication - replicate recording protocol.
  • CHANGE: Replication - new branches are inserted disabled.
  • FIX: Retention policy - errors on update.
  • FIX: Questionnaire - save the comments.

8.0.24 (23-Jul-2014)

  • NEW: Menu search option.
  • CHANGE: Replication - show incompatible branch version in red.
  • FIX: Email - subject errors.

8.0.23 (16-Jul-2014)

  • FIX: PreConfigurator - fixed checking if service is running for not installed services.
  • FIX: Playback - Fixed OGG seeking.

8.0.22 (14-Jul-2014)

  • FIX: Questionnaire - various fixes.
  • FIX: Recording - removed duplicate calls recorded through SPAN and Forked.

8.0.21 (9-Jul-2014)

  • NEW: Active calls - added search for number/name.
  • CHANGE: Preconfigurator - disable shrink database button on fresh installation.
  • FIX: Software Update - restart services.
  • FIX: Forked Recording - readded CUCM version 6 and 7 support.
  • FIX: Importing of legacy calls.
  • FIX: Calls - fixed end of calls for not demanded ones.
  • FIX: Backup/Restore - various fixes.
  • FIX: LogPacker - various fixes.

8.0.20 (4-Jul-2014)

  • CHANGE replication - if not HA, do not search for a matching call to add a second storage 

8.0.18 (3-Jul-2014)

  • FIX too large result query in cisco phone list request
  • FIX check for G729 license for playback
  • FIX send logs incorrect date display
  • FIX Localized active calls license status

8.0.17 (2-Jul-2014)

  • FIX: may localization fixes throughout the application
  • FIX PBX list double click was bringing Add dialog instead of Edit dialog
  • FIX site timer leaks
  • FIX database queue / replicator statistics sync issues
  • FIX call dumper statistics
  • CHANGE: Lowered View Calls double click time to prevent accidentally double clicking
  • FIX timeout issues for statistics
  • CHANGE background convertor - distinct traces for g729 vs normal, site shows now the sum of those two statistics
  • FIX date filter for browser with different timezone than recorder
  • FIX re-align channel timestamp with the other channel in RTPStack after ssrc change.
  • FIX null callHandler in Forked Recording
  • FIX forked - traces for terminal changed event errors
  • CHANGE check version thread - if master is not responding, check version on call-replay.com
  • FIX jtapi files stored in a different folder instead of temp
  • FIX site - updated unlicensed call status
  • CHANGE: Restrict temporary files expiration time to be at least 1h 

8.0.16 (26-Jun-2014)

  • FIX file renaming on close conversation for unlicensed calls
  • FIX close unfinished conversations at startup - fix for more than 100 calls
  • FIX view active calls - stop refresh timer when changing page
  • FIX made background transparent for some image files
  • FIX replicator - do not try to get replication config if upload is disabled
  • CHANGE - Unset RestartOnFailure when stopping the service and re-setting it after restart


8.0.15 (25-Jun-2014)

  • NEW: Min Volume Free Space is now configurable in Storage->Storage Volumes.
  • NEW: added japanese language.
  • CHANGE: CallHandler - refactored stop.
  • FIX: Close all open conversations at startup - fix for non existing files.
  • FIX: delete calls from site.
  • FIX: close conversation for unlicensed calls.
  • FIX: demand email notification.
  • FIX: removing rtp streams when monitoring error occured.
  • FIX: PreConfiguration - fix Shrink Database 'No' answer.
  • FIX: AutomaticRestart and modified CallReplay Service to auto-restart on failure.
  • FIX: ignore monitoring errors while recording - allow packets to be written to file.

 8.0.14 (24-Jun-2014)

  • FIX: site speex playback crash for short files.
  • FIX: do not propagate monitoring exceptions to the caller, let it write to the file.
  • FIX: restore multiuser.
  • FIX: channel synchronizer - renew flush timer when any error occured.
  • FIX: restore issues: localization, delete only current backup folder, copy/move files combo is now persistent.

8.0.13 (23-Jun-2014)

  • NEW: logo hiding at app startup on a different language (when buttons are wider).
  • NEW: Web API - concatenate multiple input files into one output file.
  • NEW: replication thrift api - create session with protocol version.
  • NEW: replication thrift api - prevent using unauthenticated sessions.
  • NEW: replication thrift api - recorder creation with version.
  • CHANGE: Default deny permissions for new Role.
  • CHANGE: background convertor - wake up after settings change.
  • CHANGE: prevent deleting active calls.
  • SPEED: optimized diskcleaner and replicator queue.
  • SPEED: delete calls optimization.
  • FIX: Force role selection when creating user.
  • FIX: Adding User UI fixes + translations.
  • FIX: audit on delete call.
  • FIX: restart only modified PBXs.
  • FIX: Keystore folder creation.
  • FIX: Transcoder hash computation.
  • FIX: reinsert in conversion queue when not needed for conversion.
  • FIX: misleading erorr message on forked recording wizard.
  • FIX: background convertor get chunk for conversion when original codec is not stored in db.
  • FIX: reinsert in conversion queue - do not insert for replication already existing rows.
  • FIX: Importing cisco certificate yields no message.
  • FIX: site speex seeking while playback.
  • FIX: disk cleaner for default tenant.
  • FIX: converting older calls to new format.
  • FIX: active calls from phone service.

8.0.12 (13-Jun-2014)

  • NEW: Mitel - inject tone. 
  • NEW: RTP stack now works with different codecs on the left and right channels.
  • NEW: enable/disable context menu items for calls depending on context.
  • FIX: NullPointerException while opening Active Calls.
  • FIX: Active Calls - fix display for null party info.
  • FIX: Replay calls - fixed user rights.
  • FIX: site - fill questionnaire.
  • FIX: site - fix questionnaire playback.
  • FIX: diskcleaner - fix for expiration by date.
  • FIX: quality reports.

8.0.11 (12-Jun-2014)

  • NEW: index by global id on calls table.
  • NEW: checkbox for high availability - check for time sync only for HA.
  • CHANGE: When adding a new user, initialize it with Agent Role.
  • FIX: removed 'Downgrade' tab from Software Updater - cannot be used anymore.
  • FIX: Phone Service monitoring issue.

8.0.10 (10-Jun-2014)

  • FIX: site template to accomodate low resolutions.

8.0.9 (10-Jun-2014)

  • NEW: log all rpc method calls on replicator client.

  • FIX: Audit date filter.
  • FIX: Force G729 Recompresssion was showing 'already running'.
  • FIX: Phone service - fixed login.
  • FIX: replication of calls with missing file.
  • FIX: replicator - check for upload errors.
  • FIX: PBX reloading.

8.0.8 (5-Jun-2014)

  • CHANGE: Qodec licenses for g729 and g729b add up and count as the same channel pool.
  • CHANGE: replicator - allow config request for disabled upload.
  • SPEED: removed variable row height to improve performance.
  • SPEED: reduced date to string function calls by 60%.
  • FIX: hash code changed during background compression.
  • FIX: MiTel encryption keys were not written properly.
  • FIX: replicator concurrency.
  • FIX: checking branch version.
  • FIX: no scrollbars when compact view is enabled.
  • FIX: workaround for thrift client connection leak.
  • FIX: Phone service - fix for exit button.
  • FIX: Jtapi and SIP synchronization.
  • FIX: Skip file renaming when closing unlicensed calls.

8.0.7 (3-Jun-2014)

  • NEW: Storage volume - show error message for non-writable folder.
  • NEW: Restore - addded manual restore button that restores from path.
  • NEW: thrift - global management / tracing of exceptions.
  • NEW: New filtering system for browsing calls.
  • NEW: replicator with upload sessions.
  • CHANGE: replication refactoring - check for password in a single function.
  • FIX: Phone name not being displayed.
  • FIX: Storage volume - fixed sql for deleting storage volume.
  • FIX: SRTP info not properly decoding inline message.
  • FIX: Prevent RTP capturing on SPAN when the call is not SPAN-created.
  • FIX: missing png on Tags.
  • FIX: delete call after uploaded.

8.0.6 (29-May-2014)

  • NEW: replication over thrift only; on android, too
  • FIX: volume storage mapping for direct web access

8.0.5 (23-May-2014)

  • NEW: G729 playback acquires license resource preferentially to de detriment of background compression

  • FIX: conversion from .3gpp to .spx in transcoder.

  • FIX: calls recompression

8.0.4 (21-May-2014)

  • CHANGE: store SRTP info for sip inline messages.

8.0.3 (21-May-2014)

  • FIX: support for ssrc change before channels synchronization on RTP playback.

  • FIX: date validators.

  • FIX: version detection on installer.

  • FIX: automatic restarting recorder.

8.0.1 (20-May-2014)

  • CHANGE: Don't ask for app dir and db dir in case of upgrade. Upgrade info in Memo Page. DB Backup just before upgrade.

  • CHANGE: Add db upgrade with MessageBox before starting installer.
  • FIX: Support for codec changed during call.

8.0.0 (20-May-2014)

  • CHANGE: Removed 'use readable file names' checkbox.
  • CHANGE: SIP signalling - do not stop / start call when receiving INVITE/ACK for the same pbx call id.
  • FIX: Fixed 'storage not found' exception.

New Features

NEW: File Integrity - validates recordings hashes for playback, replication, restore after backup

NEW: High Availability recording:

  • record and store multiple versions of calls, one for each active recorder, then deduplicate them. This required to split Calls table in Call and CallStorage.
  • maintain a list of online replicating recorders and dispatch playback to online recorder
  • player / call details: combobox to choose the version of audio to be played (when there are multiple versions)

NEW: Custom Renaming of File Recordings using a powerful template system.

NEW: Multi-HQ replication: sends the recording to multiple master servers.

NEW: Backup + Restore locally or remotely on Windows shares; Backup History and list of backups for each call

NEW: Active recording + Playback for IPTrade Turrets

NEW: Record and Monitor Cisco encrypted calls (SRTP) using Forked Recording and JTAPI signalling ( +monitoring )


Database optimizations:
  • eliminated most file names from the DB, they are now computed on-demand.
  • moved background compression / replication errors to their corresponding queues
  • compress some fields
  • removed some unused fields
  • end time -> duration
IOPS Optimizations
  • one-step transcoding process, without intermediate files
  • compute file hash while recording
  • removed .call files from storage
  • buffered rewriting of wav header
  • permanent transcoding process (not reloading it for every file and intermediate file)
  • .png file generated in memory while transcoding for playback from .rtp file
  • .png and audio files are generated in the same request from browser
  • transcoding in separate process - via thrift
Integration API
  • Thrift over HTTP
  • Transcoding API over HTTP
  • JSON list of matching calls


  • FIX: remote playback crossdomain issue
  • FIX: access password for audio files delivered directly from storage
  • FIX: create white .png file instead of empty file for zero-length audio tracks.
  • FIX: fix call stopping because of incorrect silence detection
  • FIX: removed extra configuration from PBX protocols
  • FIX: added call locking for parallel processing
  • NEW: A-Law Voice Activity Detection

Third Party Libraries

  • Upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.3
  • Upgrade to VCRedist 2013
  • Upgrade to Thrift 0.9.1
  • Upgrade to MyBatis 3.2.3