5.3.05 (11-Feb-2010)

  • NEW: improved database performance, decreased size
  • NEW: improved Flash loading time
  • NEW: Audit permission
  • FIX: many cosmetic fixes

5.2.00 (07-Sep-2009)

  • NEW: improved playback performance with embedded Speex / WAV player for maximum playback speed (15x playback startup speed).
  • NEW: added HTTP access to calls for easier integration with 3rd party apps
  • FIX: click on player slider works now

5.1.05-07 (09-Aug-2009)

  • CRITICAL: service was stopping on power events
  • CRITICAL: storage manager was deleting calls when large "Min Free Space" values where used
  • FIX: out-of-sync conversations
  • FIX: added call_id db indexes to correct performance problems
  • FIX: clean Temp dir at web site startup

5.1.04 (1-Jul-2009)

  • NEW: control recording of missed / unlicensed / inbound / outbound / internal parked calls
  • NEW: report generator with graphs and everything to compare basic agent stats. (Quality / Compare Agents page)
  • NEW: search by description
  • FIX: Avaya IP Office 500 (GLH)
  • FIX: SIP rtp map

5.1.03 (23-Jun-2009)

  • NEW: record missed/unanswered calls in DB
  • 5.1.01: critical fix in licensing code, reserved phones were sometimes not recognized
  • 5.1.02: phone service ip addr fix
  • FIX: G.722 fix for slices != 20 ms
  • FIX: RTP stream sequenceNumber reset
  • FIX: Storage was only using one volume
  • FIX: VAD G711 A/U mismatch
  • FIX: hold + resume on a shared line

5.1.0 (29-May-2009)

Version 5.1 refines overall the 5.0 version. We heard your observations and made the changes:

  • NEW: changed licensing model from per-phone to per-concurrent call. This is effectively a discount for many organizations. All existing customers can benefit of this discount by upgrading to v5.1.
  • NEW: Support for NEC IP protocols (NEC SV8100, NEC SV8300, etc)
  • NEW: View Active Calls list in real-time
  • NEW: more permission types
  • NEW: advanced search tab
  • NEW: support for G.729B
  • NEW: updated documentation for v5
  • CHANGED: New playback system for very long calls
  • CHANGED: massively improved non-stop recording
  • CHANGED: Many speed improvements in the service (from 5.0.7)
  • FIXED: Many critical service bugs added in 5.0.7
  • FIXED: some unpleasant memory leaks
  • FIXED: config bugs with database upgrade
  • FIXED: config bugs when HTTP proxies are used

In total, more than 250 changesets. Get it fast from the Downloads page.

5.0.0 (03-Mar-2009) Major changes include a 100% new user interface, based on Adobe Flash, and a rethinking of the usage model, benefiting from the 4 years of existence of CallReplay.

  • NEW: integrated agent scoring and call center optimization module. The evaluation questionnaires are completely customizable. And it is bundled for FREE with CallReplay!
  • NEW: support for multiple storage volumes. Self-managing, of course.
  • NEW: support for recording non-stop calls (24/24), for IP trading turrets.
  • NEW: licensing management web site for resellers. Automated license activation. Self-service.
  • NEW: call browsing by agents. Hierarchical organization model for grouping agents in departments and sub departments.
  • NEW: automatic resolution of external phone numbers using an integrated phone directory.
  • Many frequent operations can be done three times easier. And they were easy before.
  • Recording speed significantly faster than 4.0.
  • Fault isolation for better reliability.
  • Support for Windows 64 bit
  • Support for Cisco CallManager 7.0.


  • Support for Avaya Communications Manager

3.3.6 (06-May-2008)

  • CWR licensing support for Cisco CMs > 5.0

3.3.5 (05-Mar-2008)

  • fixed memory leak with unterminated calls
  • fixed timeout error when making large backups
  • added call statistics in logs

3.3.4 (08-Feb-2008)


3.3.3 (21-Nov-2007)

  • one more fix for TCP RST memory leak
  • greatly decreased memory requirements

3.3.2 (20-Nov-2007)

  • FIX: ugly memory leak. TCP RST now correctly closes immediately the connection
  • change of call center licensing to match by latest digits of phone number
  • allows the supervisor to search by the LATEST digits in the IP address of the phone (eg -> 103)

3.3.1 (05-Oct-2007)

  • FIX: Corrected error messages when Qodec could not be loaded, corrected "Object instance not found"
  • cosmetic: Always displays the number of phones registered to CM

3.3.0 (22-Aug-2007)

  • NEW: Replication of recordings or meta-date between multisites

3.2.0 (26-Jun-2007, unreleased)

  • major rewrite of Backup & Restore functionality, improved speed and reliability

3.1.9 (3-May-2007)

  • FIX: caller id is now displayed correctly for the final transfer of a call with a private number (original caller->final destination)
  • cosmetic: private numbers now show as "Private number" instead of empty string


  • FIX: shared lines fix for CCM > 4.0


  • FIX: removed mixers memory leak
  • FIX: mixers statistics


  • FIX: CallManager Express 3.4: conference calls had incomplete CallInfo packet


  • FIX: Service.aspx was displaying error (branding).
  • FIX: clicking Update in System / Configuration was showing an error (branding).


  • FIX: SqlServer Agent was not started in branded builds


  • FIX: Fixed VLAN support


  • cosmetic: improved compression tracing
  • cosmetic: added backgroundCompressionAscending option (registry only)
  • FIX: G.729 calls counted properly, even after conversion
  • FIX: Call Manager Express: disabled handling of UDP call control protocols


  • FIX: star numbers (like *1004) were not being recorded

3.1.0 (March 05, 2007)

  • NEW: Added "Force G.729 Recompression" option in Configuration
  • NEW: Backup & Restore
  • NEW: PreConfiguration automatically enables weekly reboot
  • FIX: fixed folder creation bug entered in 3.0.4


  • NEW: Updated Qodec to 0.99
  • FIX: PreConfiguration now displays G.729 computer id is now correct
  • FIX: licenses escape strings and can accept &


  • FIX: CM v5 support incorrectly disabled in v3.0.11
  • FIX: "file does not exist" error added in previous commit
  • FIX: "Must specify valid information for passing in the string".
  • FIX: sometimes CallDetails loading very slowly. File URL was checked remotely for existence.


  • FIX: db already exists (FolderDb.cs, WelcomeWizardPage.cs)
  • FIX: added memory statistics

3.0.9 and 3.0.10

  • FIX: RTP stream overflow check. Also an exception in RTPStream will no longer crash the program forever
  • FIX: On demand
  • FIX: phone detection in phone service was done by IP, so it was incorrect in presence of DHCP. Now phone service opens directly the extension input page
  • FIX: activated printLeases for support
  • FIX: small db fix
  • FIX: shortcut creation fix
  • FIX: cosmetic: added tracing for policy check


  • FIX: various branding fixes
  • FIX: LogPacker now correctly recurses subdirectories in the calls file list.


  • FIX: critical fix for CallInfoV2 support (CM 4.2 and CM 5.0)
  • FIX: corrected bug with sql scripts upgrades


  • FIX: calls from private numbers were not recorded


  • FIX: bug with licensing by MAC address

3.0.2 and 3.0.3

  • FIX: parser fix for CallManager Express: rtp dispatched as skinny
  • FIX: Improved skinny tracing

3.0.0 (Dec 13, 2006)

  • NEW: Reengineered recording engine, with multiprotocol support
  • NEW: Support for Cisco CallManager 4.2 and 5.0 (Skinny 8.0)
  • NEW: configurable site host name
  • FIX: Support for Cisco CallManager Express