The Cloud Server is a feature of CallReplay which allows you to record calls and upload them on a properly configured CallReplay Cloud Server.

The Cloud Server can be used as a Replication HQ for other CallReplay servers or mobile recorders.

You can make use of this feature in two ways: 

  1. Uploading to the public CallReplay Cloud Server located at;
  2. Configure your own CallReplay Cloud Server - this way you have all features of CallReplay Call Recorder.

Supported mobile phones: Android 2.3.3 or higher; other operating systems may be supported in the future.


Configuring your own CallReplay Cloud Server

First of all, you should acquire a license for this. The license should contain how many tenants you need (i.e. cloud accounts) and how many phones and mobiles you want to record and upload calls.

Upload this license in your CallReplay installation using System -> Licensing.

Add Tenants 

then go to System -> Tenants page. You can add your tenants here.



First enter the company name and fill the TLD field with your domain name / website if any.

You can assign a number of Replication Branches, if you want to make this tenant a Replication HQ. In this case, you should allocate a number of channels to those branches and assign them individually from HQ/Branch Licensing  page. That is, if you want branches A, B and C to upload calls to this tenant, write 3 in 'Branch' edit box. Then, if you want A to have 5 channels, B and C have 10, write 25 in 'Channels' edit box, then later go to HQ/Branch Licensing and assign each of them the corresponding channel number. Here you will introduce the total number of channels allocated to the group of branches associated with this tenant.

In 'Mobile Phones' you will write the total number of mobile phones that can upload calls to this tenant (cloud account).

'Storage Quota' - how much of storage space will be allocated to this tenant from the total storage pool. Older records will be deleted when the quota is reached. Enter 0 if you want to use global cleaning.

'Active' - use this checkbox to activate / deactivate the tenant.

'Validity' - if you want to automatically deactivate the tenant after a period of time.

After pressing 'OK' button, a new tenant will be generated and you can see it in the main list. There you can find the generated Tenant ID used for tenant identification.

Add Tenant Admin

You may create multiple user accounts for each tenant, at least one of them should have administrative rights. You can quickly create such an administrative account using 'Add Admin' button from 'Tenants' page.

A password will be randomly generated for the tenant administrator and it will be sent to the specified e-mail address.


Public Tenant Creation

This feature is available only on public CallReplay Cloud Server located at Anybody can create a trial tenant for itself. This trial tenant will expire after 1 month and its storage quota is limited to 200MB.

To convert a trial tenant to a permanent tentant, please contact sales or support.


Tenant Login

Upon creation of the its account, the administrator will receive an e-mail containing the login credentials. In order to access the Cloud Server, the administrator (and users created subsequently) must enter the Tenant ID along with the login name and password.

After login, you have access to all recorded and uploaded calls. You can playback them (if not encrypted), e-mail them and so on.