Recording Path Configuration

 Storage Volume Page allows to set the folder where the calls are stored. You can add new folders by clicking Add New Volume button. You can have multiple volumes that store calls on separate drives, which will be used in a round-robin order.
To move calls from one folder to another:

    • Edit the volume and change its path to the new destination path.
    • Move the files of the old volume to the new volume path using Windows Explorer.


Storage Quota - the Maximum HD space that can be used to store calls. (0 means unlimited).

Reserved Space - this is the reserved storage space for CallReplay; that is, when Used Space + Drive Free Space becomes lower than Reserved Space, a warning e-mail will be sent to the administrator.

Deleted - a deleted volume is not removed when it contains calls, will be just marked as deleted and no other calls will be stored on it. You can manually delete a volume without calls.

File Renaming

File Name Templates Page allows the administrator to change the template used to generate the file names for storing recorded calls.

The file names template is a string containing macros that expand to values related to the call like the call ID or caller number. The list of macro names that can be used is displayed in the "Fields list" table as can be seen in the image. Click on a macro name from the table to have the macro included at the end of the current file names template. You can also type any macro name from the table in the File Name Template field, surrounded by barces { and }, to include the macro in the file name template string.

The Example field (below the File Name Template field) shows how a file name would look like using the currently displayed template string. Also watch the Example field for errors like a worng macro name being typed in the template string.

A new file name template takes effect after the Save button is pressed, and the new template will be used for all calls recorded thereafter. To also apply the new template to all the old files, that is to rename all previous files using the new template, use the "Rename existing files ?" radio group and select the option "On". For this case, you can use the "Call count" field as an estimate of the number of calls that would have to be renamed with this option.

After saving a new template with the option to rename existing files, you can see the rename progress in the Call count field, in the format "remaning / total", like for example "120 / 550".

The "Cancel" button restores the current template string into the File Name Template field, and discards any changes you might have typed in the input box.