12.1. Silence Compression (Voice Activity Detection)

Accessible from Capture / Silence Compression menu entry.

Voice Activity Detection is used with IP Trade Turrets to trigger call recording based on the voice signal intensity. It can also be used with Radio Gateways and other analog-to-IP equipment with no call signalling.
VAD Sensitivity: the level of voice activation detection from which the signal is not considered silence.
The default value is Normal (40dB). Other values are Low (30 dB, noisy environment) and High (50 dB, Catch every breath).



Silence Compression: keep or not to-keep the silence within recordings
VAD separation interval: it is enabled when silence is removed within recordings. This is the length of the silence inserted between active signals.
Recording prolog duration: it means the length of the interval recorded before the moment of active signal.
Silence before stopping VAD calls: after specified value of silence the recorded call will be stopped.