This is the place for you to describe which calls will be recorded and how to prioritize your licensed recording resources. It is accessible from the Capture / Recording Policy menu. There are 2 licensing resource allocation types: Reserved Channels, Dynamic (Unnamed) Channels. Rules from each tab are evaluated in order and if a match is done the next rules are not evaluated. Each licensing allocation type can be triggered automatically or manually (On-Demand).


11.1. Reserved Channels

Reserved channels tab contains the list of phones for which the recording will start automatically. Each such guaranteed recording resource will consume one licensing channel.
It is recommended that you add reserved phones by MAC address.
To disable recording of phones which are not in the reserved list, set Automatic Channels to 0 in the Dynamic Channels page.



11.2. Dynamic Channels

Dynamic (Unnamed) Channels tab allows you to set the number of channels used for recording First Come First Served recording channel allocation.



11.3. Advanced tab