This feature allows copying or moving calls to another computer for various purposes: safety, centralized management, high availability recording etc.

First, you need to configure the Headquarter (HQ) to accept incoming connections. For this, check 'Act as HQ Controller', then enter a password for connection and hit 'Save' button. Please note down the 'HQ Address' value, you will need it to configure branches.

In case you have multiple branches recording the same calls for high availability recording, please check 'High Availability' if you want to have distinct calls. However, you will have both audio files if recordings were replicated with audio.

Note: to use this feature you need to have all branches and HQ clocks in sync. You may need to use the OS's time synchronization feature to a time server.



 To configure one other computer as Branch, you need to go to the 'Branch' tab:



 You can replicate calls to multiple Headquarters. First click 'Add HQ' then enter the Headquarter address and port (the one you previously noted down). Also, enter the password you've set on headquarter computer.



After this, you will be asked if you want to replicate all existing calls or only the calls made from now on.

If the connection is working, you should see on headquarter that a new entry has been added (after clicking 'Refresh') for the newly configured branch.

You may now configure the incoming replication type. Call information only can be used for centralized management. These calls can be played back only when the branch is running. If replication is done with audio files, you can playback them directly from the headquarter. In this case, you can also choose to delete the successfully replicated call from branch.