1.1. Product Overview

CallRecorder is an easy to use VOIP call recording solution that implements the corporate call recording keeping policy and provides secure and easy access to call records.

It allows managers to review and score phone calls according to their work group. Users are empowered by providing them with accurate records of their calls.  

CallRecorder is a self-contained software recorder which includes everything necessary to record VoIP calls (besides the Operating System and server hardware): database, web server, Java, etc.


1.2. Features and Benefits

  • Automatically Record Phone Calls - Damage control and increased accountability in your personnel, suppliers and customers.
  • Manual (On-Demand) Control: recording can also be initiated by the user using the browser or IP Phone Service. Both Full Call and Partial Call recording modes are supported.
  • Multiple Recording Methods: CallRecorder supports both port mirroring (SPAN) and forked recording (SPANless). Hardware recording coming soon!
  • Monitor live calls: Listen to a call in progress, through the browser or IP phone service. You can also whisper to the agent without being heard by the external party (IP phone service).
  • Browse Recordings by Agent - Superb browsing interface tracks agents across multiple phone numbers.
  • Search by caller ids, phone numbers, annotations, time, description, tags, etc.
  • Replay, Annotate and e-Mail phone call recordings. Easy, secure access to call recordings, using a web audio player, desktop audio player or IP Phone Service.
  • Tagging & Searching calls with customized hierarchical tags has never been easier.
  • Call Scoring & Custom Forms - Integrated agent scoring and reporting module
  • Agent Call Statistics Reports: the number of calls made, received, etc by each agent
  • Email Notifications: automatically send email when a predefined number appears in a call.
  • Backup & Restore: Archive calls on DVDs, HD-DVDs, BluRays or SANs. A single DVD can store up to 15,000 calls of 5 minutes each, due to the state-of-the-art voice compression technology incorporated in CallRecorder.
  • Reverse Caller Lookup - Displays the caller name and business unit using the company Phone Directory.
  • Multi Site Replication: using queued replication, you can record many network partitions and centralize recordings at the HQ. Recording and replication survive a downed WAN link.
  • Screen Recording – Integration with Memolith Screen Recorder. See what was done on the screen while the phone call occurred.
  • Specialized Speech Compression lowers the storage requirements 8 times over MP3 and allows 18,000 hours of phone calls storage on one 120 GB hard drive.
  • Call History - follow a call as it is transferred, put on hold or parked
  • Audit Replays – prevent recordings abuse by browsing the list of accesses to a call.
  • XML Phone Service – handily review your past calls from your XML enabled phone (Cisco IP Phones 7940, 7960 & 7970). Authenticate, Browse, Play, Rewind, e-mail, mark important. You can also assign calls to folders.
  • Access Control Lists – fine grained permission system to allow listening and acting on calls.
  • Automatic Software Update - the easiest, fastest way to apply patches
  • Thin Client Deployment – The administration and user tools run in all web browsers supporting Flash.
  • Integrated Support Tools – Request & receive technical support with a few clicks, by using the integrated log packer and TeamViewer support tool.
  • Passive network sniffing assures zero impact of recording on PBX performance and improves system reliability.
  • Try Before You Buy – Download a fully-featured evaluation version with a friendly configuration wizard from: http://www.call-replay.com


1.3. Technical Specifications


  • Cisco CallManager (all versions)
  • CallManager Express
  • Avaya CM S8000 series and IP Office 500
  • NEC Univerge - SV8000 series, IP only
  • generic SIP
  • IPTrade turrets
  • Mitel

IP Phones

  • All Cisco IP Phones
  • All SIP phones

Operating System

  • Any Windows OS
  • 32 and 64 bit compatible

Hardware Requirements

  • Software only recording system, no proprietary cards
  • Industry-standard Intel compatible server supplied by customer
  • Network connection to voice traffic, using a hub or a mirrored port for promiscuous mode network sniffing

Recording Capacity

  • Up to 400 simultaneous calls on a single dual core CPU

Retention Capacity

  • Speech compression, VBR, Stereo, 170 hours per GB
  • ~ 18,000 compressed talk hours on one 120GB HDD

Supported codecs

  • G.711, G.722
  • G.729 (extra option)

Recording Architecture

  • Passive network sniffer, Skinny Protocol
  • SIP trunk recorder compatible with newer Cisco phones
  • Stereo, each party is heard in a different channel

Embedded Database

PostgreSQL 9.0


  • Secure access to recordings
  • Managers have access to calls based on logical departments filters

Call records access

  • Web interface + desktop player
  • Phone Service interface (on Cisco IP Phones 7940, 7960, 7970)


  • Technical Support includes Software Upgrades
  • TeamViewer software included