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  1. Enter your SMTP server credentials (SMTP server, Authentication User, password).
  2. The Admin Email Password is also used for critical alerts.
  3. Click Save.

Below is an explanation for each field:


SMTP Server: The IP or FQDN of your SMTP Server.

SMTP Port: 25 is standard.

TLS: Most people do not use TLS security. This should be left unchecked.

POP3 Server: If the Mail server leverages POP3, input the IP or FQDN. Most people do not use this, so it may be left unchecked.

Authentication User/Password: If the Mail server requires credentials, input the User/Pass.

From E-Mail Address: When low level emails, like exporting a call, the From Address will be used as the From address in the email.

Admin E-mail Address: When System Level emails need to be transmitted to the Call Replay admin, the Admin email address will be who receives those emails.

System level emails may include:

* Running low on storage.

* Calls have not been recorded for X days.