Analyze Captured Packets

By clicking Capture / Troubleshooting, you can see the amount of TCP or UDP Packets captured from and to an IP Address.




7.2. Analyze the Network Configuration

 Install Wireshark

 Wireshark is a free, open source packet analyzer.

  1.  Download the latest version from
  2. At installation, be sure to not select the "Install WinPcap" option (as it is already installed by CallRecorder) or the "Start WinPcap service "NPF" at startup" option.


 Capture a Call

  1. Go to the Capture menu and select Interfaces 
  2. In the interfaces window select the same network card you configured for monitoring in CallRecorder.
  1. Press the Capture button  
  2. Start a call
  3. Talk a few seconds. In the capture window you should see the number of udp and tcp packets growing. If not, you either configured SPAN incorrectly or captured on the wrong NIC.
  4. Stop the call.

  5. Stop the network capture.

 Usually there should be about 100 udp packets per second, so if this number is much smaller, then your server may not be capturing the voice stream.

 Verify Call Control

 In the main Wireshark window, set the filter to:

 ip.addr == {TEST_PHONE_IP} &&skinny.messageid == 0x8a

 and press Apply.

 The StartMediaTransmission and OpenReceiveChannelAck messages are critical for recording to work.

 If you don't see any skinny packets after applying this filter, then your call control stream was not captured. To fix it, you should configure SPAN to your computer, in order to forward traffic from CallManager.



 Verify the Voice Streams

 In the main window, set the filter to:

 ip.addr == {TEST_PHONE_IP} && udp

 and press Apply


If you don't see any RTP packets after applying this filter, then your voice stream was not captured. To fix it, you should configure span to forward traffic from your phones to your computer.

If you are only interested in external calls, you should only forward traffic from your voice gateway to your computer.


7.3. GET Remote Technical Support

The recording application has a number of powerful support utilities included. Team Viewer for eg., is a screen sharing utility which allows us to assist you. It is a firewall friendly application.

  1.  In order to get RTS, you must contact us ( and let us know what problem you met. We recommend to reach us by instant messenger or email.
  2. Windows Start / Programs / CallRecorder / Support / Team Viewer


 Send to technical support, by email or instant messenger, your ID and Password 

Wait for the connection to be established. The program will not work if the support technician was not notified to open his side.


7.4. Sending Logs to Technical Support

To enable technical support to understand the cause of a problem, the recording application keeps extensive logs of all the actions it does. To send them to us:

From application menu Help / Send Logs 



  1. Describe the problem as detailed as possible, including the phone numbers and IP addresses with issues.
  2. Fill in the problem date correctly, or the logs will not be copied from the correct period.
  3. Contact Information. Please enter your name, e-mail address and telephone number. As for the method of sending the resulting archive, we recommend using the Upload to FTP option.
  4. Click Submit report.