Make sure there are no pending alerts below the menu bar, by clicking on each alert and solving them.



6.1. Playing a Call

Make a test call

Place a call to an external number. Recording internal calls requires a special network configuration, please see the Network Configuration chapter.

Playing a call

1. From the menu, choose Recordings / Replay Calls as shown below:


2. If there are no calls displayed please skip to the "Troubleshooting" chapter.
3. Click the More button (green plus sign on the right side of every call), choose Properties and a new window, named "Call Details" will appear, as shown below. 
This page contains all information about a call like caller party, called party, duration of call, file size, file format. In the Advanced tab, you will get information about RTP traffic (ip address and port used in recording call). 
In the Description tab, you can provide a description for that call. In the Export tab by pressing "Save Call" you can save the call under Wav format or speex format. You can email that call by pressing "Send Email" button.




  1. Click on Play Button.
  2. A pop-up will be open and the recording will start playing.


Attention You must have a valid G.729 license to play a G.729 recording, otherwise an error will be displayed.