1. Overview:

The Secure Recording Connector (SRC) service is a software solution that facilitates the recording of Mitel encrypted voice streams by third-party call recording equipment (CRE). The Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) server with SRC service is positioned on the LAN between the ICP and the sets to be recorded. It accepts requests from an authorized CRE to establish taps in the voice stream. These taps are separate (mirrored) streams from the SRC to the CRE.

CallReplay offers a native solution for recording calls on Mitel PBXs for both direct and indirect call recording setups.




There are several abbreviations that will be used throughout this manual: 

SRC - Secure Recording Connector

MBG - Mitel Border Gateway

MCD - Mitel Communications Director

ICP - Integrated Communications Platform


2. Requirements:

 1. Mitel SRC Licenses

SRC Licenses are a Mitel requirement and need to be acquired from your Mitel Partner. You need as many licenses as CallReplay Licenses.

When the licenses are installed, you should be able to see the number of Tap Licenses in MBG -> Status -> Dashboard.




3. SRC configuration and phones setup


  1. For CallReplay to be able to receive audio streams, each phone that needs recording, has to be routed through the MBG (Mitel Border Gateway). This can be achieved in two ways:
    1. Register the phone to the MBG
    2. Set phone's Gateway to be the address of the MBG
  2. In each MCD or ICP 3300 you need to allow HCI Call Controll and Monitor.

    This can be achieved in the section System Properties -> System Feature Settings -> Class of Service Options.

    Program this setting for the COSs (Class of Services) of the phone sets that need recording.




4. CallReplay Setup


  1. CallReplay Wizard

    For CallReplay to be able to communicate with your PBX, it needs to know some information about your network set-up. 
  • In PBXs menu, there are the following options that you need to set:
  • IP Addresses: The IP addresses of your SRC (usually the same IP as the MBG).
  • PBX Type: This should be set as Mitel MCD 3300
  • PBX Version: The version of your MCD or ICP (eg. 6.0)




         2. Accept CallReplay Certificate in MBG Certificate Management:



CallReplay certificate should be in the Queued CSRs.

Note: It might be required that you restart the CallReplay Service


         3. Set the phone sets that you want to record.

Switch back to CallReplay Wizard interface. In the PBXs menu, on the entry created in Step 1, click Active Recording, and choose the phones that you want to be recorded as shown in the following image: