Active Recording Settings

This section represent the system configuration for active recording on IPTrade turrets. Administrators must set the CallReplay as the recording server and indicate that server to the IPTrade system. The following settings have been confirmed to work on CallReplay v7.5 and IPTrade Turret Support Server (TSS) v7.4.24448.

Call Replay settings

On Recording > PBX page choose New PBX and from the PBX Type, select IPTrade Active.

Fill in the the IP Addresses field with any address (ex.

From Protocols list choose IPTrade Active and edit the protocol settings:

  • Port indicates the TCP port to listen for incoming connections. Default value is 4456. You must enable this port into the system firewall.
  • VAD indicates whether or not the recording server will use Voice Activity Detection settings for silence detection.

Turret Support Server settings

Following settings are required on TSS for integration with the active recoding system.

  1. Set turret recording engine

    Go to System\Settings\FTP settings (turrets) and on Recorder - Basic Mode choose "iptrade" for Recorder compatibility. 
  2. Configure the voice recorder address

    Use the same location as the one used to set the recording engine or inside user profile (Account Management\User) or shared profile (Account Management\Shared Profile) go to Settings tab and on Recorder - Basic Mode configure the voice recorder location in form <protocol>://<address>:<port> where :
  • Protocol indicates the voice recording system to be considered. Valid values are : vrc.
  • Address indicates the IP address or the name of the voice recording service host.
  • Port indicates the TCP port to connect to the voice recording service (same as the value used to configure the IPTrade Active Recording protocol in CallReplay).

Example : vrc://